Rated the highet for residential wear – Easy-to-clean surface protects from stains. surface spills fading overall wear.

Technologically advanced core forms a moisture barrier and delivers superior dimensional stability.

12 mm thick for superior sound quality & joint locking strength
(1637 kg/lm versus 996 kg/lm for standard 8mm thick laminate).

The strongest lock in the industry.

Eight times more resistant to ordinary scratches. dents and dings than engineered wood •

30-year limited residential warranty, one of the most comprehensive in the industry.

Anti-Bacterial Surface – Mould, bacteria and fungus resistant surface
(According to the Taber Abrasion Test)


Grand Illusions assures complete protection against stains. colour,loss. damage.manufacturing defects, water spills and unlocking. That too for an unbelievable period of 30 years.