Lock & Fold TM Technology

Our award winning technology helps installing Ethos EIR and HS in just 2 steps that too without applying any glue and giving the tightest fit possible.

HS (Hand Sculpted)

Ethos HS L•minate Flooring collection has distinctive. hand-sculpted 00k, uses specialized technology,which ensures that the laminate features an intricate, embossed texture and subtly sculpted edges and ends.

EIR (Embossed in Register)

Realistic embossing tntensifies depth, texture and natural 00k of the floor by aligning the emboßing with the printed design, In the wood 00k. ridges Of wood grain are raised and indented realistic fashion.

Aqua Seal

LAminate edges are sealed wth wax. offering superior spill resistance.

  1. 5”Individual Plank Width Lock & Fold TM Technology.
  2. Our award winning helps installing Grand Illusion in just 2 stepsthat too without applying any glue and giwmg the tightest fit possible.
  3. Hi-Definition print Technology-the most realistic looking laminate in rise market.
  4. Vibrant color, intense depth.
  5. Fine piano finish mimics filled -face wood for a luxurious look.
  6. Real wood widths fora true-to life installation pattern. Closest look to real hardwood.”Kissed-edge•bevel
  7. half the size of standard micro-bevel, Which helps accentuate each strip, placing emphasis on grain & texture


Ethos EIR and HS assures complete protection against stains, colour loss, damage, manufacturing defects. water sp•lls and unlocking for an unbelievable period Of years for residential purposes and 10 years for commercial purposes.